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​Junior Education Programs

Programs are half-day unless indicated otherwise. Select two programs that complement your classroom study for a rewarding full day of fun and learning. The grade(s) stated below each program name are strongly linked to the Ontario curriculum. We will work directly with you to combine or modify programs to meet your needs.

For details on booking any of these programs, please see information under "Booking your Visit​." 


Grade 6 (spring/fall)
In this two-part (same day) program, students will be introduced to classification systems and their use in categorizing and understanding living things in both aquatic and terrestrial environments. Class discussion will focus on the meaning and importance of biodiversity and the impact of humans on wildlife populations today.

Part 1: Acting as wildlife biologists, students will examine pond life to identify and investigate the characteristics and adaptations of several vertebrate and invertebrate groups.

Part 2: Using maps and identification keys, students become foresters, locating and identifying several tree species along a marked orienteering course.

Full day program - half day option by special request only

Coureurs de Bois 
Grade 6 to 8 (all seasons)
Step back in time as Coureurs de Bois early French voyageurs who traded with First Nation peoples for furs. Following a short presentation on the history of New France, students are then challenged to survive a simulated season as rugged adventurers: purchasing textiles and food items for survival and profit while developing map reading and problem solving skills. Teachers or adult volunteers will be required to assist and monitor this program.

Full day program - half day option by special request only

Focus on Forests
Grades 3 & 4 (all seasons)
After viewing the animated Dr. Seuss classic film "The Lorax" and discussing its conservation message, students will investigate the structure, ecology and importance of trees through a variety of grade appropriate activities. A thorough examination of the components of the forest ecosystem will give students a deeper appreciation of the significance of the forest as a wildlife habitat.

GPS Navigation 
Grades 6 to 8 (all seasons)
Introduce your students to GPS technology and the exciting world of geocaching! Following a presentation highlighting the history and applications of the Global Positioning System, students use hand-held GPS units to navigate their way through one of our challenging courses. The important relationship between map, compass, and GPS technology will be emphasized throughout the program.

Green Energy
Grades 5 & 6 (all seasons)
Where does all that energy come from? Students will be introduced to an array of energy sources - both renewable and non-renewable. Following a short presentation, students will participate in a variety of scientific experiments highlighting the power of solar, wind, water, and elastic energies. Students will test their knowledge in a game of energy "concentration" and use a homemade solar oven to make their own s'mores! For a full day of Green Energy action, this program can be extended to include our orienteering challenge course, "The Great Energy Race" - an energy-themed scavenger hunt.

Half day program with full day option available.

Habitats and Communities
Grades 4 & 5 (spring/fall)
Acting as wildlife biologists, students will explore a variety of habitats (i.e. forest, field, wetland) to investigate local plant and animal life. Using an assortment of tools including dip nets, magnifying glasses, and identification keys - students will investigate the dependency of plants and animals on the environment and the adaptations different species have made for survival in their specific habitats. Hands-on activities will introduce students to the importance of space for wildlife and the impact of human populations on habitat loss.  Students leave empowered with a better understanding of how they may minimize their impact on the environment through daily personal choices. 

Instincts for Survival
Grades 4 to 8 (all seasons)
In this role-playing game, students must meet their survival needs as a wild animal while eluding predators and human influences. Through an introductory discussion - followed by active participation in this forest activity - students will explore predator/prey relationships, the flow of energy through food chains/food webs and adaptations of various animals for survival. Participants will also recognize the necessity of suitable habitat in meeting their animal's survival needs and will experience firsthand some of the ways in which human populations can influence natural communities and impact habitat loss.

Junior "O"
Grades 4 to 6 (all seasons)
In this program, students review the concept of orienteering and develop their map reading skills through a  series of progressively complex orienteering courses. Students will use a variety of maps, compasses, and trail systems to challenge their cognitive and physical abilities.

Living Landscape
All Grades (all seasons)
Become inspired by the natural beauty of the Tiffin Centre through guided outdoor landscape drawing sessions.

Photo Orienteering
Grades 4-8 (all seasons)
Working in pairs or in small groups, students must find the secret location of the photos provided, align themselves using a compass and accurately take a bearing. Points are awarded for accuracy in this challenging photo scavenger hunt!

Rocks and Minerals
Grades 4 & 5 (spring/fall)
Students become geologists as they examine, test and compare the physical properties of rocks and minerals.  Students will investigate the formation and characteristics of rocks and minerals through a "rock cycle" scavenger hunt and participation in a variety of hands-on activities. They will also gain a better understanding of the many uses of various rocks and minerals in their daily lives.  

This program best succeeds with an average of 5 adult volunteers to help facilitate activity stations.

Seeds, Weeds and Wildflowers
Grades 3 & 4 (spring/fall)
Students will explore the world of plants and their incredible adaptations to various habitats including woodlands, open fields and wetlands.  Participants will learn to identify the major parts of plants, how to classify plants and the importance of plants to both wildlife and humans.

Team Dynamics & Low Ropes Challenge
Grades 6 to 8 (all seasons)
Students will build confidence in themselves and each other as they work through a series of progressively challenging initiatives that aim to promote teamwork, leadership, trust, communication and problem solving. Once students have successfully completed a selection of team building activities they are then further challenged on our Low Ropes Challenge Course. 

Half day or full day options are available. Please note that closed-toe shoes are required to participate in this program.

Wilderness Skills
Grades 4 to 8 (spring/fall)
Through a variety of hands-on activities and discussions, students will review ways to prevent becoming lost and the measures they can take if they find themselves alone in the wilderness. Basic survival skills including proper dress, safety precautions, distress signalling, shelter-building and map-reading skills will be emphasized. In small groups, students will then test their skills on the "Amazing Race" challenge course. 

Half day or full day options are available

Winter Survival
Grades 4 to 8 (winter)
Survival in winter environments is the focus of this interactive program. Basic survival skills including proper dress, safety precautions, distress signals, basic shelter-building and map reading skills will be explored. Prevention of frost bite, hypothermia and dehydration will also be emphasized. Upon special request, this program can be extended as a full-day program to include snowshoeing/kicksledding, fire-building, and a campfire lunch. Hot chocolate will be provided; students are required to bring their own re-useable mug.

Half day or full day options are available. Hotdog lunch provided by Tiffin must be pre-arranged.  

Winter Wildlife
Grades 4 & 5 (winter)
This program introduces students to the main groups of animals, their characteristics, habitats, tracks, and traces. Students then become wildlife detectives, looking for signs of wildlife in their natural habitats. Adaptations of wildlife to survive the winter will be emphasized while trekking through the woods on snowshoes, weather permitting.

Wonderful Wetlands
Grades 4 to 6 (spring/fall)
Students will get their feet wet as environmental scientists as they explore a wetland habitat. Through indoor models and discussion, followed by an exploratory hike and various activities, students will better recognize the value of our most productive and threatened wetland ecosystems. Students will be introduced to the role of Conservation Authorities in watershed management and wetland protection.