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​Planning Fee Review, 2015-2016

The fee review process is now ended.  The updated fee schedule was approved by the NVCA's board in March 2016. 

Planning Fee Review Process

NVCA reviewed its planning fees in 2015.

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NVCA’s Planning and Engineering Advisory Committee (PEAC) was tasked with the role of reviewing the NVCA Planning Fee Schedule and providing preferred options and recommendations to the Board of Directors for consideration and approval.

The planning fee review process started in March 2015. Key elements of this process included:

  1. Discussion Paper

    In support of the fee review, NVCA prepared a discussion paper which includes a historic perspective, an introduction to past and current review fees, and next steps in the review process.

    NVCA Planning Fees Discussion Paper.pdf

  2. Survey & Public Comment

    To gather public comment on NVCA's planning fees, a short survey was conducted in Fall 2015. Results from the survey and comments received from members of the public were provided to the Fee Review Subcommittee and PEAC for consideration in preparing their recommendations.

  3. Stakeholder Engagement

    Key stakeholders were engaged in a Fee Review Subcommittee of PEAC. These stakeholders - representatives from the agriculture, development and aggregate sectors, along with customers-at-large - provided input and guidance into the process. They received deputations and submissions from stakeholders and the public, and considered fees of neighbouring conservation authorities as part of their review.

    Agendas and minutes from the Fee Review Subcommittee meetings are posted under PEAC.

  4. Draft Recommendations and Fee Schedule


The draft recommendations and fee schedule were circulated to NVCA's municipal partners and stakeholders. Comments from the public were welcomed.