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Bird Monitoring​

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A fascinating pastime, bird watching is becoming increasingly popular. With nearly 500 different species observed in Ontario, there is always more species to learn about and discover visiting our conservation areas. 

The number and diversity of birds reflects the diversity of habitats and conditions in our watershed. The NVCA participates in two bird monitoring programs: Forest Bird Monitoring and Marsh Monitoring.

Forests Bird Monitoring takes place at the Tiffin Conservation Area and happens during the late spring/early summer breeding period. NVCA staff watches and listens for bird songs/calls in the deep forest to determine species present. Marsh bird monitoring is similar but staff uses a callback “tape" to elicit calls from territorial marsh birds which may otherwise be cryptic and silent.

Bird species tallied through the Forest Bird Monitoring Program is sent to provincial and international groups that run the broader programs including Birds Canada and the Canadian Wildlife Service.

Some birds found at the Tiffin Conservation Area include: Ovenbird, Canada Warbler, Wood Thrush. Birds found in the Minesing Wetlands include Marsh Wren, Least Bittern, Virginia Rail, Sora, American Bittern. In Marl Lake, we have observed American Bittern, Marsh Wren, Least Bittern.