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​​​​​​​​​​​Borrow an Outdoor Educator​

A brand new program!

Tiffin’s education department has developed a new p​rogram for families who are keeping their children out of school to learn at home – Borrow an​ ​Outdoor Educator!

Our outdoor educators can be borrowed for 2 hours at a time, and multiple families who are already within their own ‘Bubble’ can choose from a variety of themes.

Home base for this program will be in our picnic pavilion and our new flush outhouses.  Programs listed below are educational, however they are also recreationally based. As each group would include children of various ages, the program will not target a particular age/grade but include a varied age range for the engagement of all participants, including adults.


The cost is $145 for 1 group of up to 14 participants, including adults.​


Groups can reserve an educator between 10 am - 12 pm or 1 pm - 3 pm on any Monday, Thursday or Friday with at least 2 weeks' notice. Educators are available on a first come first serve basis.​ 

Select one adult from your family/friend group to manage the booking by reaching out to the Manager of Environmental Education through

Booking requests made under 2 weeks' time may also be available, but not guaranteed.

Choose your activity

Take a look at the drop down list below to see which activity your group would like to with our educator!

Free play forest

It has long been acknowledged that there is a strong link between play and learning for young children, especially in the areas of problem solving, language acquisition, literacy, and mathematics, as well as the development of social, physical, and emotional skills.

At the Tiffin Centre, young children will actively explore their environment through play within our cedar rail fenced area which is shaped like a honey beehive. Participants will be engaged in learning through play within this natural forest setting. ​

Nature Exploration and Hike

Using their senses, children will explore nature through experiential activities aimed to heighten their awareness of the world around them. Youth will investigate the ways in which animals respond and adapt to their environment and the seasonal changes.​​

Wilderness Survival

Students will learn to be better prepared for outdoor adventure, how to prevent becoming lost, and what measures they can take if they are. Programming focuses on keeping warm, staying in one place and building a shelter. 

Disc Golf

Disc golf is a game which uses flying discs which are thrown at a target. Learn how to play disc golf at Tiffin Conservation Area's Goldilocks Disc Golf Course. Discs included.​

Orienteering, Nature and Technology (Geocaching or Citizen Science)

Geocaching: Learnkills with a hand-held GPS unit to find hidden codes around Tiffin. Once you test your skills with a guide to help you, you can try the world of Geocaching and looking for caches on your own, anywhere in the world

Citizen Science: Learn how to use apps like Seek and iNaturalist to discover what's crawling or growing around you. Find out how your stroll in nature can actually help the scientific community.​

Natures Art Room

Looking at the works of Land Artists; Andy Goldsworthy, Sonja Hinrichsen, Nils-Udo and Mikael Hansen as a starting point, students will produce largescale three dimensional temporal works in nature with found natural materials communicating ideas inspired by the natural world. ​

Nature Photography

This interactive program will help guide families to become keen observers and stewards of the natural world. While exploring nature around the Tiffin site in search of plants, wildlife and different habitats, participants will apply the photography techniques that was shared and modelled by their educator. ​

Team Dynamics

Participants will be challenged to work together as a team to succeed at various group challenges, while learning different communication strategies. Safe and fun co-operative games and initiatives that aim to promote teamwork, leadership, trust, communication and problem solving. ​

Focus on Forests

Families will investigate the structure, ecology and importance of trees through a variety of activities. After learning how to use a dichotomous key to identify trees, participants will follow one of Tiffin's tree identification routes and try their hand at tree identification. Once there is snow, participants could also borrow kicksleds to help them complete the course at no extra cost.​

Winter Wildlife

Once there is snow, participants can strap on some snowshoes and become nature detectives. While we might not always see the animals we share the forest with, there are always signs that they are around. Observe the forest and look for scat, tracks, nests and nooks all while enjoying a 'Book Walk' with “Under the Snow" written by Melissa Stewart and Illustrated by Constance R. Bergum along the trail.

​​After you “return" the Outdoor educator, groups can stay at Tiffin and picnic at any of our outdoor picnicking locations. Guests could extend their stay and use the trails for a hike on their own.

About the Tiffin Centre for Conservation

The Tiffin Centre is made up of more than 300 acres of conservation lands including wetlands, forest, meadows and ponds, connected by a series of groomed trails. The hub of the Environmental Education program is the beautiful John L. Jose Environmental Learning Centre.

Additionally, the Tiffin Centre features a number of other facilities to help make your visit fun and educational, including an outdoor classroom, picnic pavilion, operating maple sugar bush and low ropes challenge course. We also have equipment available for groups to participate in show-shoeing, kick-sledding and GPS geocaching.

All of our facilities, and most of our trails and programs, are accessible to children of all physical and developmental abilities, and all-terrain wheelchairs are available for use.

Refunds and cancellation​

Please note that the program may be cancelled at any time due to COVID-19 restrictions. If a cancellation occurs on the day of your booking because someone in your group does not pass the health check, or have developed symptoms during the programming, no refund will be issued. However groups can book a different day at no cost, after following proper testing and isolation procedures from the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit

If a cancellation occurs because our facility or staff have been compromised due to the COVID-19 virus, groups can have an option of a refund or rebooking. 

Refunds will be issued if cancellations are requested at least one day's notice.