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Elba Wetlands

elba wetlands and glencairn signs 001.jpgOfficially recognized as Provincially significant, the Elba Wetlands is one of the headwater tributaries for the Nottawasaga River as it winds through the NVCA watershed and empties into Georgian Bay.

A producer of high-quality cold water, the Elba Wetlands are considered crucial to the spawning and rearing habits of a regionally significant brook trout population.

A variety of wildlife habitat is found throughout the area, including a small deer wintering yard. Fur-bearing mammals like beaver, muskrat, mink and raccoon are common to the area. Raptors, including the Northern Harrier and Cooper's Hawk, and Great Blue and Green Herons are frequent sights as well.

Donated to the Ontario Heritage Foundation by the Grant family, the Elba Wetlands are managed by the NVCA for conservation purposes.

Recreational Visitors

The Elba Wetlands are managed by the NVCA for conservation purposes only and are not suitable for recreational purposes.