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​Programs for Visiting ​Day Camps

Get your campers back to nature at the Tiffin​​ C​entre!


At the Tiffin Centre for Conservation​ your campers will have an opportunity to enjoy a full or half day trip of hands-on activities learning about the natural world around them.​ 

Visiting Day Camp Flyer: External Day Camps Flyer.pdf

​Our Programs

​Tiffin offers a wide variety of programs for children of all ages and throughout all the seasons—winter, summer, spring and fall!

Some of our most popular programs are listed below. Have something else in mind? Speak to our education staff to learn about the wide range of programs we offer, including our nature photography program.

Camp_Tiffin_2015_a.JPG6-8 year olds
  • Animal Food Web: A Cub’s Life—working in animal families led by counsellors, campers must find pictures of food, water, shelter, and space in the forest while eluding predators 
  • Pond Ecosystems: Life in the Pond—each child receives a dip net to catch creatures at the pond 
  • Wilderness Survival Skills: Lost in the Woods—children learn about survival skills through a short movie, they then construct mini survival shelters using materials found in the forest
  • Orienteering: Animal Amble or Bug-a-Boo—after a short introduction to wildlife, children work in groups led by a counsellor to find pictures of animals along a well-marked trail.  

9-12 year olds
  • Animal Food Web: Instincts for Survival—children role-play animals as they search for food and water in the forest while eluding predators 
  • Pond Ecosystems: Life in the Pond—each child receives a dip net to catch creatures at the pond
  • Wilderness Survival Skills: Wilderness Survival—children take part in a fire–building demonstration and construct emergency shelters in the forest
  • Orienteering: Orienteering—children learn the basics of map-reading as they search for hidden markers along a series of forest trails 
  • Orienteering: Photo Orienteering—working in pairs or in small groups, children must find the secret location of the photos provided, align themselves using a compass and accurately take a bearing. Points are awarded for accuracy in this challenging photo scavenger hunt!​

lowropestire_web.jpgCamp Counsellors & Junior Leaders​

  • Team Building: Low Ropes Challenge Course—participants must work together to succeed at various group tasks which build in complexity as they make their way through our low ropes course. This program promotes teamwork, leadership, trust, communication and problem solving
  • Wilderness Survival Skills: Fire & Shelter Building—after learning basic survival skills, participants are challenged to work in teams to build and maintain their own fire and sturdy emergency shelter
  • Orienteering: Geocaching—participants use hand-held GPS units to find their way through the forest in search of hidden geocaches!
  • Orienteering: ​Orienteering Challenge Course—after an introduction to the use of compasses, participants are challenged to safely navigate throughout our 300+ acre property in search of specific trail markers​.
  • Outdoor Recreation: Disc Golf—participants tee off and, using flying discs (i.e. Frisbees), play a fun and easy-to-learn game through the Tiffin Centre's nine-basket course.​

Planning your Trip


  • The Tiffin Centre for Conservation is 10 minutes west of Barrie, just off County Road 90 (directions).
  • In addition to 300+ acres of forests, wetlands and meadows, the Tiffin Centre offers a number of facilities​, including potable water, indoor washrooms, and indoor options for eating lunch.

How to Book

  • Step 1: Call and speak directly with our environmental education staff at 705-424-1479 ext 280 to select a date and discuss program availability.
  • Step 2: Obtain a booking form from our website at nvca.on.ca, or request one via email or fax.
  • Step 3: Complete your booking form and send it to NVCA by email to outdoored@nvca.on.ca​

Prices & ​Policies

Day Camp Rates:

  • Full Day = $14.00 per camper
  • Half Day = $9.25 per camper
  • Camp leaders are free. 
  • We require a minimum of 20 campers per program, or a minimum fee of $280 for a full day or $185 for a half day.

Discover Tiffin Incentive! Special discounted rates apply for camps that return for two or more trips throughout the year! Camps receive a discount on the second and subsequent camp visits.  

  • Full Day = $13.00 per camper
  • Half Day = $8.50 per camper

​Cancellation Policy: There is no charge to cancel a confirmed booking provided at least two weeks’ notice is given before your scheduled visit. If a cancellation is received with less than two weeks’ notice, your group will be charged for 50% of the scheduled number of participants. (Minimum fees apply: $140 for a full day and $92.50 for a half day of programming.)

Food Options

Campers should bring litterless, nut-free lunches and snacks. There is no food available for purchase at the Tiffin Centre.

Water fountains are available for your campers to fill reusable water bottles.

For More Information​

Contact NVCA's Education Team at 705-424-1479 ext. 280 or email outdoored@nvca.on.ca​.