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​Healthy Waters Program

How to Apply

  1. Contact stewardship staff to discuss your project ideas and to arrange your initial site visit.

    Shannon Stephens, Healthy Waters Program Coordinator
    705-424-1479 ext.239

  2. Complete and submit your application with:
    [a] Two competitive quotes
    [b] Any supporting photos, maps, project designs, etc.
    [c] $150 deposit (Refunded on completion or if project is not approved. The deposit is only forfeited if the project is approved but not completed. No deposit is required for self/volunteer plants)

    Healthy Waters Program Application Form.pdf

  3. Wait for your approval letter.  
    [a] Approvals are based on fund availability, project design and expected habitat and water quality improvement. 
    [b] Please note: projects started before receiving grant approval are not eligible for a grant

  4. Complete your project and book your final project visit.  You'll need to submit:
    [a] Copies of any required permits, well records, approvals or inspections
    [b] All project invoices/receipts:
      (i) Must be received from a registered company recognized by the Province of Ontario, or a municipality (e.g. permit fees)
    [c] Proofs of payment that correspond to each receipt, such as:
        (i) Bank-stamped cheques and/or other bank/credit card statements (originals or signed copies)
        (ii) Please note: make sure to black-out sensitive information on your proofs!

  5. Your grant cheque and a deposit is returned to you.  Please allow 4-6 weeks.

  6. Landowners agree to maintain the project for the intended purpose for which it was designed for a period not less than 10 years.
Our stewardship staff have in-depth knowledge of the watershed, water quality improvement projects, how to restore habitat and other available resources and grant-programs.

Please contact us if you have any questions - we're here to help you help the environment.