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NVCA conservation are smoke free. All forms of smoking, including cigarettes, cigars, pipes, medicinal and non-medical cannabis, vaping, chewing any form of tobacco is prohibited in all conservation areas and other outdoor spaces except in parking lots. More information here.

Hunting Permits

Please note that ​Hunting passes are sold out for 2021.

Osprey_Wetlands_3.jpgNVCA issues huntin​g permits for NVCA-own​ed portions of the Minesing and Osprey wetlands.​

Applicants must have a valid Outdoors Card and Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH) membership. Permits are $75 for individuals living or owning property within the NVCA watershed, and $120 for all others. Click here for a map of the NVCA watershed.

You can submit your hunting permit form, found below, either online or via mail or visiting NVCA's office.  Please note you will require both an Ontario Outdoors Card and an OFAH membership to apply for a hunting pass..

Hunting Perm​it.pdf

Note - Please right click and save the hunting​ permit form onto your computer, fill out it, save it then email i​t to Filling out the form in your browser will not work.​

Please allow up to 2 weeks to process your application and to receive your permit by mail. If you require a permit immediately, please apply in person at our office at the Tiffin Centre for Conservation.

Only 100 hunting permits are issued each year. Permits are available for sale after January 1st of the same calendar year.

New for hunting pass holders

Starting in 2021, digital files outlining the boundary where hunting is permitted on NVCA property will be available to available for valid hunting pass holders. ​Files can be uploaded to GPS and phones devices. 

Please be advised, this is not a survey bo​undary, hunters should be aware of private property boundaries. 

To obtain these digital files, please email

New exclusive hunting opportunity

Starting in 2022, the western portion of Osprey Wetlands will be offered as an exclusive hunting opportunity and will no longer be included in the standard, annual hunting pass.

The two eastern portions of Osprey Wetlands will remain open for hunting with the standard hunting pass. ​

Click here for more information and to apply for a permit​

​Fees from hunting permits go towards wildlife habitat enhancement and enforcement during ac​tive hunting seasons.​

Safety in the Wetlands

If you are hunting the Minesing Wetlands, be sure to read our Minesing Safety Tips before heading out so you are prepared! These tips are a good review for those hunting in the Osprey Wetlands too.

 FAQs - Hunting on NVCA Lands

Do I need a permit to hunt on NVCA land?

Yes, you must purchase an annual hunting pass. Call the NVCA at 705-424-1479 or see above for more information. ​

Why do I need an OFAH membership to get a hunting pass?

​We require an Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH) membership for insurance purposes.

As a member of OFAH you are entitled to utilize public liability insurance policy​ if required

Where am I allowed to hunt on NVCA lands?

You are allowed to hunt in the Minesing Wetlands and the Osprey Wetlands. Contact the NVCA office for copies of the hunting maps for both areas.​

Are there any specific rules for hunting on NVCA lands?


  • You need to follow all the MNRF Regulations, and general good hunting practices.
  • You may not construct hunt camps or stands. (Temporary stands, up-and-down in one day are allowed.)
  • You may not use ATVs or other motorized land vehicles.
  • Wear bright orange when appropriate.

All hunting activities should be conducted as per the Conservation Authorities Act, R.R.O. 1990, Regulations 127, Conservation Areas, Nottawasaga Valley; Ontario Hunting Regulations; and other appropriate Regulations. Violations of Regulations, including any future hunting convictions, may result in permission to hunt on NVCA lands being withdrawn. ​

Can I hunt on NVCA lands on Sunday?

At this time, hunting with a firearm is NOT permitted on Sundays in either the Minesing or Osprey wetlands. 

What am I permitted to hunt with on NVCA lands?

Shot guns (for deer and turkey) and bow-hunting are allowed. Rifles are not permitted. All MNRF hunting rules and regulations also apply.​

Where can I find out about what is in season and other hunting rules and regulations?

Hunting is regulated by the Ontario Government.  You can find hunting rules, regulations and other information at

Can I camp overnight when I am hunting?

No overnight camping is permitted on NVCA lands.  Make sure you give yourself enough time to get back out before the end of day.​

Can I put up a tree stand?

Only temporary (up-and-down the same day) tree stands are permitted.  Tree stands must come down before you finish for the day.​

Can I use a motorized boat and/or ATV?

You can use a motorized boat/canoe on NVCA lands. Small horsepower engines are strongly recommended as shallow rivers and log jams pose a risk to larger motors.

There is absolutely no access for wheeled vehicles like ATVs, dirt bikes, etc.​

Where can I walk in to hunt? Do I need a canoe in Minesing/Osprey?

Minesing Wetlands has six walk-in access points. Note that the access to Willow Creek at George Johnston Rd. requires a boat. 

All access points in the Osprey Wetlands are walk-in.

Please consult the map provided with your hunting pass or contact the NVCA office with any questions.​

Are there any safety concerns when hunting in the wetlands?

Even though they aren't far from urban centres, Minesing and Osprey wetlands are isolated wilderness settings. Hunters need to be prepared for changing and challenging wind, weather and water conditions. This is especially true in the spring, when high water levels make navigation difficult and when a fall into cold, fast-flowing waters can quickly lead to hypothermia.

See our hiking and paddling safety page for more information. 

The choice to head out into the Minesing or Osprey Wetlands is your choice. Make sure you are prepared for the natural hazards you may face.​