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​​​Minesing Wetlands

In the centre of the Nottawasaga Watershed lies the internationally significant Minesing Wetlands, an area spanning 6,000 hectares. Here, the Mad River and Willow Creek join the Nottawasaga River, which flows through the centre of this wetland. The Minesing Wetlands accepts drainage from more than 2/3 of the watershed.

Minesing Wetlands
The Minesing Wetlands is home to a diverse array of habitats. The mix of fen, marsh and swamp wetlands provides habitat for sensitive plants and animals, including a number of rare species and Species at Risk.

This wetland provides significant flood control for the Town of Wasaga Beach. The Minesing Wetlands provides 66 million cubic meter regional storm flood storage capacity or the equivalent of 26,400 Olympic sized swimming pools. This volume covers 58 km2 in 1.1 m deep of water which is the area of the Town of Wasaga Beach. Minesing Wetlands reduces storm flows by 44% and delays the arrival flood waters by 2-3 days, allowing flood-prone areas to prepare for flood events.

The Minesing Wetlands is largely a wilderness area. Experienced visitors are welcome to visit through hiking on the outskirts or padding through via the Nottawasaga River, Mad River and Willow Creek. Here's more information about visiting the Minesing Wetlands. NVCA and partners own and manage much of this wetland.