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​​Media Release

NVCA's education programs help children protect their future

UTOPIA, Ontario (December 13, 2021) – Hosted at the Tiffin Centre for Conservation, the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority (NVCA) provides nature programming for children ages 2.5 – 12.  

In these programs, children develop a sense of wonder, appreciation and respect for the natural world. They will learn that a healthy environment helps plants and animals thrive, how humans are connected with nature and rely on the environment to survive.

“Children who come to Tiffin are encouraged to activate their knowledge base to make their own observations about nature. As nature changes everyday, there is always something new to notice, and reflect upon," said Naomi Saunders, Manager of Education at NVCA. “At NVCA, we believe that the more time children spend in nature, the more beneficial it is for our environment and subsequently for all human health."

Through regular and repeated exposure, children will learn about how things in nature work. Tiffin's Outdoor Educators ask children questions to highlight what they already know, for example how plants and animals interact with each other, or what qualifies as  important habitat.

“As we have an increasingly technological and media driven world, sometimes it's hard to pull children away from screens," continued Saunders. “In our programs, children become comfortable with nature without their devices. Often times, they bring their curiosity home and discover nature, even in their own backyards."

Registration is now open for many Tiffin Education programs, including the new Tiffin Nature Program, Winter Camp Tiffin, PA Day Camps. For more information or to register, please visit NVCA's website.

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