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Other ​Land Stewardship Grants

Several organizations other than the NVCA make grants available to landowners in the Nottawasaga Valley.

Lake Simcoe Georgian Bay Wetland Collaborative

Lake Simcoe Georgian Bay Wetland Collaborative Project Area MapThe Lake Simcoe Georgian Bay Wetland Collaborative is a partnership aimed at reducing phosphorus and other nutrients flowing into Lake Simcoe and southeastern Georgian Bay through wetland conservation. Ducks Unlimited Canada has teamed up with NVCA, Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority and the Severn Sound Environmental Association to provide an innovative wetland conservation program through landowner outreach, municipal engagement and research.

The collaborative works with its partner organizations to provide landowners with technical advice and financial assistance, with a goal of 23 new wetland projects between 2014 and 2017.  

Eligible wetland projects include:

  • Wetland Restoration/Creation
    • Wetlands that have been degraded can be restored using a range of techniques that include excavation and impoundment to restore former water levels and habitat quality.
  • Livestock Exclusion Fencing
    • Fencing that restricts or manages the access of livestock to wetlands, benefits habitat conditions and water quality.
  • Wood Duck Nest Boxes
    • Existing wetland habitats can be enhanced for cavity nesting waterfowl and other bird species with the installation of nest boxes.

Funding for wetland projects can cover from 25 – 90% of costs dependent on project type and must be within the program area of Lake Simcoe and South-eastern Georgian Bay. 

Along with providing landowners with technical information and funding support, the collaborative engages municipalities on the importance of wetland conservation through input to Official Plans, support for Natural Heritage Systems planning, knowledge transfer and showcasing best practices.  The program also surveys threats to wetlands in the region, updates wetland mapping and transfers mapping to municipalities.

Have a question? 

For more information contact Sean Rootham at 705-721-4444 ext. 232 or by email

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This program is possible through the financial support of Environment Canada.​

Maple Leaves Forever

sugar maple - fall 1.JPG Maple Leaves Forever offers rebates to support the purchase of native trees from partner nurseries. 

Rebates range from 10% to 25%.

Want more information?

Visit the Maple Leaves Forevever website.

Have a question? 

For more information, contact  John Cary at 416-255-0385 or

​Species at Risk Farm Incentive Program (SARFIP)

SARIF Funding.jpgThe Species at Risk Farm Incentive Program (SARFIP) is a cost-share program available to farm businesses across Ontario. It provide funding for agricultural landowners interested in completing habitat creation and protection Best Management Practices (BMPs) that support species at risk. BMPs for croplands, grasslands, stream banks, shorelines, wetlands and woodlands may be eligible.

Want more information?

Visit the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Associat​ion (OSCIA) website.

Have a question?

Contact the OSCIA at 519-826-4214.

Need help with a letter of support for your application?  

Stewardship staff from the NVCA may be able to help! Contact Shannon Stephens at 705-424-1479 ext 239.

SARFIP is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forests through the Species At Risk Stewardship Fund, and the Government of Canada through the Habitat Stewardship Program for Species at Risk.

Environmental Farm Plan: Growing Forward 2

NVCA supports and commends the work farmers have done since 1994 through the Environmental Farm Plan that has improved water quality and reduce soil erosion.  

To continue on this work, Growing Forward 2 (GF2) is a five-year (2013-2018) federal-provincial-territorial program with cost share funding opportunities for environmental projects:

  • Manure Storage Improvements
  • Manure Composting
  • Efficient Land Application of Manure
  • Livestock Facilities Runoff Control
  • Cover Crops (for 1st timers, adoption of non-harvested, non-grazed, and non-traditional cover crops)
  • Structural Erosion Controls
  • Nutrient Recovery from Wastewater
  • Fuel Storage Improvements
  • Irrigation Water Efficiency Improvements
  • Water Well Management (upgrades and decommissioning unused wells)
  • Actions for Species At Risk*
  • Preventing Wildlife Damage
  • Implement systems and processes to treat water (preharvest and post-harvest)
  • Implement Soil amendments practices and procedures
Want more information?

Visit the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement A​ssociat​ion (OSCIA) website.

Have a question? 

Contact Lois Sinclair, OSCIA Regional Lead for Bruce, Dufferin, Grey, Huron, Perth, Simcoe North, Simcoe South, Waterloo, Wellington, at 519-955-3139 or

Need help with a letter of support for your application?  

Stewardship staff from the NVCA may be able to help! Contact Shannon Stephens at 705-424-1479 ext 239.