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​Other ​Land Stewardship Grants

Several organizations other than the NVCA make grants available to landowners in the Nottawasaga Valley.

Ontario Soil and C​rop Improvement Association Grants

Environmental Farm​​ Plan Workshops

Grant programs offered by the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association (OSCIA) require an Environmental Farm Plan to apply.  Join the 70%+ of ​farmers that have completed theirs!

Learn how your farm rates with environmental risks, and how you can improve your farm,​​ your profitability, protect your and your family’s water, and lower your risk.

Want more information?

​For an in-person workshop or online update visit the OSCIA website

Canadian Agricultural Partnersh​ip Program

In Ontario, the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) is a five-year, $1.5 billion investment to the Ontario agri-food sector: $1.1 billion for business risk management funding and $417 million for strategic initiatives to help grow Ontario's agri-food and agri-products sectors.

Strategic initiatives will support projects in three key priority areas, with research and innovation continuing to be a key focus across all programming:

  • Economic Development: Ma​rket Development; Productivity; Business Analysis and Skills Development
  • Environmental Stewardship: Water Quality; Soil Health
  • Protection and Assurance: Food Safety; Animal Health; Plant Health

Producers, organizations, regional collaborations, agriculture community influencers, advisors and Indigenous communities are encouraged to apply for funding.  Note that you will need to have a completed Environmental Farm Plan (3rd or 4th edition).

Application intakes will open on the first business day in April 2018.

Want more information?

Visit the OSCIA website

Grassland Stewardship Program

GSP-Brochure-2018-cover-SM-232x300.jpgBack for its third year, the Grassland Stewardship Program (GSP) will begin accepting applications in early January 2018. The program supports on-farm conservation activities that benefit bobolink and other grassland birds at risk, and is piloting the use of Conservation Agreements. 

GSP is delivered by the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association (OSCIA) and is funded by Environment and Climate Change Canada as part of their Species at Risk Partnerships on Agricultural Lands (SARPAL) initiative.

Quick Program Facts
  • Supported Best Management Practices: 
    • Control of Encroaching Trees and Shrubs through Mowing
    • Grassland Restoration
    • Incorporating Delayed Grazing into Rotational Grazing Systems
    • Forage Harvest Management (Delayed Haying)
  • Application submission periods: 
    • Intake 1: January 10, 2018 to February 1, 2018
    • Intake 2: April 9, 2018 to May 1, 2018
  • Project completion and claim deadline: December 15, 2018
  • Maximum cost-share funding is $20,000 per farm business (2016 to 2018)
  • Applications can be submitted online or on-paper 
  • Conservation Agreements, signed between participating producers and Environment and Climate Change Canada, are a requirement of the program

Want more information?

​Complete details and the program brochure are available on the OSCIA website

​Spec​ies at Risk Farm Incentive Program (SARFIP)

SARIF Funding.jpgThe Species at Risk Farm Incentive Program (SARFIP) is a cost-share program available to farm businesses across Ontario. It provide funding for agricultural landowners interested in completing habitat creation and protection Best Management Practices (BMPs) that support species at risk. BMPs for croplands, grasslands, stream banks, shorelines, wetlands and woodlands may be eligible.

Want more information?

Visit the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Associat​ion (OSCIA) website.

Have a question?

Contact the OSCIA at 519-826-4214.

Need help with a letter of support for your application?  

Stewardship staff from the NVCA may be able to help! Contact Shannon Stephens at 705-424-1479 ext 239.

SARFIP is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forests through the Species At Risk Stewardship Fund, and the Government of Canada through the Habitat Stewardship Program for Species at Risk.

Manure and Biosolids Man​​agement Program (MBMP)

This program offers funding to improve soil health through investments in nutrient application.  It offers 60% cost-share, to a maximum of $25,000 per eligible business.

Eligible Project include:

  • Customization of Spreading Equipment 
  • Customization for In-Crop Manure and/or Biosolids Applications 
  • Precision Application ∙ Purchase and installation of GPS mapping systems (limit of one per business) 
  • Slurry Seeding 
  • Reduce Soil Compaction 
  • Innovative Approaches to Manure and Biosolids Management 
Want more information?

Visit the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Associat​ion (OSCIA) website.

Have a question? 

Contact the OSCIA at 519-826-4214.

Need help with a letter of support for your application?  

Stewardship staff from the NVCA may be able to help! Contact Shannon Stephens at 705-424-1479 ext 239.​

Environmental Farm Plan: Growing Forward 2

NVCA supports and commends the work farmers have done since 1994 through the Environmental Farm Plan that has improved water quality and reduce soil erosion.  

To continue on this work, Growing Forward 2 (GF2) is a five-year (2013-2018) federal-provincial-territorial program with cost share funding opportunities for environmental projects:

  • Manure Storage Improvements
  • Manure Composting
  • Efficient Land Application of Manure
  • Livestock Facilities Runoff Control
  • Cover Crops (for 1st timers, adoption of non-harvested, non-grazed, and non-traditional cover crops)
  • Structural Erosion Controls
  • Nutrient Recovery from Wastewater
  • Fuel Storage Improvements
  • Irrigation Water Efficiency Improvements
  • Water Well Management (upgrades and decommissioning unused wells)
  • Actions for Species At Risk*
  • Preventing Wildlife Damage
  • Implement systems and processes to treat water (preharvest and post-harvest)
  • Implement Soil amendments practices and procedures
Want more information?

Visit the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement A​ssociat​ion (OSCIA) website.

Have a question? 

Contact Lois Sinclair, OSCIA Regional Lead for Bruce, Dufferin, Grey, Huron, Perth, Simcoe North, Simcoe South, Waterloo, Wellington, at 519-955-3139 or Lois.Sinclair@ontariosoilcrop.org.

Need help with a letter of support for your application?  

Stewardship staff from the NVCA may be able to help! Contact Shannon Stephens at 705-424-1479 ext 239.


Did you know there are historic records of badgers in our area?  You can help bring this endangered species back from the brink.

Grants of up 75% up to $20,000 are available, such as:​

  • Perennial grass strips (contour buffer strips, grassed waterways, herbaceous wind barriers, headland retirement, and field edge plantings)
  • Native tree and shrub planting (For Spring plantings - must be done directly through a Conservation Authority or eligible Planting Delivery Agent)
  • Native grassland restoration
Want more information?

Visit the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement A​ssociat​ion (OSCIA) websi​te.

Need help with a letter of support for your application?  

Stewardship staff from the NVCA may be able to help! Contact Shannon Stephens at 705-424-1479 ext 239.

Ducks Unlimited Wetland Grants​ & Programs

Ducks Unlimited offers a number of grants, programs and information resources for those wishing to undertake stewardship projects.  

Eligible wetland projects in the NVCA watershed include:

  • Wetland conservation, protection, restoration and creations
    • Wetlands that have been degraded can be restored using a range of​ techniques that include excavation and impoundment to restore former water levels and improve wetland habitat quality. Project sizes can run from ¼ acre to 100+ acres. 
  • Wetland conservation easements​
  • Landowner Wetland Care Guide
  • Wood Duck Nest Box Program: 
  • Livestock Exclusion Fencing to Protect Wetlands
  • Fencing that restricts or manages the access of livestock to wetlands, benefits habitat conditions and water quality.​

Grant Rates

Funding for wetland projects can cover from 25% to 90% of material costs and/or contractor charges, with an upset funding limit.  

Funding rates are also dependent on project type and your property’s location.  Contact us for more information.  

Project Support and Design

Along with providing landowners with technical information and funding support, Ducks Unlimited Canada works with you to develop a project concept that can meet your needs, benefits the environment, and of course provides habitat for ducks and other wetland reliant flora and fauna.   

Want more information?

Visit the Ducks Unlimited website.

Have a question? 

Contact David McLachlin, Biologist, Ducks Unlimited Canada, 705-721-4444 ext. 231 or d_mclachlin@ducks.ca        

Evergre​​en Grants

Evergreen offers several granting programs, including:

Want more information?

Visit the Evergreen website.

TD Friends of ​​the Environment Grants

The Foundation supports a wide range of environmental initiatives, with a primary focus on environmental education and green space programs.

Eligible projects in​clude:

  • Schoolyard greening and outdoor classrooms
  • Park revitalization & restoration work
  • Butterfly gardens & pollinator programs
  • Community gardens
  • Natural playgrounds (natural play elements only)
  • Citizen science projects in public green spaces
  • Trail building and restoration
  • Neighbourhood park programming
  • Recycling/composting programs
  • In-class/indoor and outdoor environmental education programming

Organizations eligible to receive funding:

  • Registered Canadian charities with a Charitable Registration Number (CRN)
  • Educational institutions (primary/secondary/post-secondary)
  • Municipalities
  • Aboriginal groups

Want more information?

Visit the TD FEF website for program details.

Grey-Bruce A​​LUS – ​Alternative Land Use Services

For watershed landowners in Grey County, ALUS Grey-Bruce currently supports projects such as:

  • tree planting
  • wetland creation
  • buffer enhancement (streams and wetlands)
  • exclusion fencing
  • grassland plantation/preservation
  • pollinator habitat 
  • and many more types of projects.

Want more information?

Visit the ALUS website.

Have a question? 

​Contact Keith and Joni Reid at 519-379-4086 or keith@greyagservices.ca


Maple Leaves Fo​rever

sugar maple - fall 1.JPGMaple Leaves Forever offers rebates to support the purchase of native trees from partner nurseries. Rebates range from 10% to 25%.

Want more information?

Visit the Maple Leaves Forever ​website.​

Have a question? 

For more information, contact  John Cary at 416-255-0385 or jcary@sympatico.ca.

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