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Updated business hours for NVCA's Administration Office: ​ ​
Monday - Friday from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm, close​d daily from 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


​NVCA staff are pleased to meet with you to discuss any work you have planned. To discuss your proposal, please start by completing our
online property inquiry form. You can also email​​with your specific questions. ​

NVCA also offers walk in service for residents to speak to our regulations staff about your property. We recommend coming in on Tuesdays and Thursdays, as our regulations staff has blocked off time to answer all your questions about the NVCA permit process.

During your meeting, staff will review our mapping to see if your property is regulated by NVCA, and whether or not a permit is required from the authority. NVCA encourages pre-consultation prior to making any permit applications.

Permit and Planning Fee Schedule ​

​Fees for planning and development related services under Section 21 (m.1) of the​ Conservation Authorities Act, as approved by the NVCA Board of Directors, effective December 10, 2022​

Contact us before you apply! ​​

If any part of your property is regulated, submit an online property inquiry form to tell us a bit about your plans. We will review your property and your proposed plan, and may also ask you to submit additional information. We may also request an appointment with you to discuss your plans, by phone or in-person.​​

​Current Permit and Planning Fees​

​Official Plans and Zonings Fee
Official Plans and Secondary PlansGeneral Levy
Comprehensive Zoning By-lawGeneral Levy
Site Specific Official Plan and Zoning
By-Law Amendments
Additional fee for technical study review$796
Letter of approval
(no technical review or site inspection required)

Plan of Subdivision/Condominium (Residential, Commercial and Industrial) Fee
Minimum Fee$13,260
Maximum Fee (See Note 1)
Lot/Unit fee and Net hectare fee$3,425 per hectare
Design Resubmission surcharge for subdivisions and residential/mixed use site plans

3rd Submission - 25% of original fee (maximum charge of $13,260)


4th and subsequent submissions – 50% of original fee (maximum fee of $13,260)

Redline Revisions

Minor (Design Change) 25% of original fee (maximum fee of $ $13,770)


Major (Change to Limits of

Development) 75% of original fee (not to exceed maximum fee $106,080)

Site Plans Fee
Letter of Approval
(no technical review or site inspection required)
Minor: Site Plan Area less than 2 ha$1,591
Intermediate: Site Plan Area more than 2 ha,
less than 4 ha
Major: Site Plan Area more than 4 ha (Additional $1,250/ha fee charge for sites over 10 ha.)$14,285
Site Plan: Residential (multi-unit and/or mixed use)Use Residential Subdivision Fees
Design Resubmission surcharge for non-residential site plans

3rd Submission - 25% of original fee

4th and subsequent submissions – 50% of original fee

Golf Courses Fee
New Golf Courses$15,912

Aggregate Proposals Fee
Minimum fee for Below Water Table$13,260
Maximum fee for Below Water Table$106,080
Net hectare fee for Below Water Table1352/ha
Above water table proposals or expanded extraction within a licensed area$13,260

Consents Fee
Base Fee$321
Additional fee for technical study review
(e.g., SWM Report or EIS)
Letter of approval
(no technical review or site inspection required)

Minor Variances Fee
Base Fee
Additional fee for technical study review
(e.g., SWM Report or EIS)
Letter of approval
(no technical review or site inspection required)

Niagara Escarpment Commission Applications Fee
Base Fee$321
Additional fee for technical study review, for example EIS$530
Letter of approval
(no technical review or site inspection required)

Conservation Authorities Act Fee
Letter of Approval (site inspection not required)$102
Permit Application Minor Works$255
Permit Application Intermediate Works$561
Permit Application Major Works$1,591
Permit Application Major Works – complex$3,182
Agricultural Permit Applications (separated in 2016) 
Letter of Approval (site inspection not required)$102
Minor works or works located in regulated adjacent lands$255
Works located within flood and/or erosion hazard$561
Unauthorized works2 X permit fee
Permit application large fill projects: 250 – 1,000 m3
(Permit application for large fill projects - See procedural guidelines for more detail.)
plus $0.82/m3
Permit application large fill projects: more than
1000 m3
$1,591 plus $0.82/m3
Permit – amendment50% of original fee
Additional fee for significant technical reviewVaries

Other Fee
Legal/Real Estate Inquiries$214
Legal/Consultant Peer Review Costs
(charged on the basis of cost recovery)
Provision of Individual Property Information$77
Pre-consultations Fee

$561 (without site visit)

$1,591 (analysis by one planner and one technical discipline)

$3,182 (analysis by one Planner and more than one technical discipline)


Fee Sched​ule Notes:

  1. The maximum review fee for plans of subdivision/condominium is $104,000.
  2. Plans of subdivision/condominium fees may be phased as outlined in NVCA's policy for charging fees if the total fee meets the minimum threshold of $50,000.00.
  3. NVCA reserves the right to not allow the phasing of fees for development subject to a Minister's Zoning Order (MZO) issued by the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing.
  4. When processing and reviewing consolidated planning applications (e.g. OPA/ZBA/Subdivisions), the higher fee is applicable (including MZOs).
  5. Plans of subdivision/condominium and site plan fees include permitting fees under NVCA's Development, Interference with Wetlands and Alteration to Shorelines and Watercourses Regulation, Ontario Regulation 172/06.
  6. Notwithstanding note # 5, permit issuance for works occurring two years after the date of the last NVCA comments on a file will be subject to the relevant permit fee for the scale of the works.
  7. A net hectare refers to the total area of land available for development. It excludes lands outside of the development limit (e.g., natural hazard, natural heritage areas and buffers).
  8. NVCA reserves the right to reassess the review fee after 5 years of receipt of the application based on timing and receipt of technical information.
  9. The applicant will be responsible for any external peer review costs necessary to review submitted technical submissions.
  10. Alterations or expansions to existing golf courses not requiring Planning Act approvals and within a regulated area will be addressed through the Conservation Authorities Act approval fees.
  11. Permit approval will not be required from NVCA for certain small-scale projects as outlined in NVCA's Policy for Charging Fees.
  12. Please see NVCA's Policy for Charging Fees for further an explanation of the minor, intermediate and major permit fee categories, as well as other matters (e.g., fee exemptions, appeal process, etc.). This document is available at under Planning & Permits – Policies & Guidelines.


ATTACHMENT - Costs for Mapping/GIS Requests Fee per Map Fee
Pre-made NVCA General Maps
(8.5x11 or 11x17 Color)
Comprehensive Mapping Request (minimum fee)$2,040
Custom Made Maps (data processing fee + printing costs) Fee
8.5x11 or 11x17$10
Add Ortho Imagery to a 17 X 22 or larger mapAdd $10
Digital Maps Fee
Data Processing Fee -The fee for data preparation will be based on an hourly administration cost of the GIS Department's time for compiling and processing the requested information.Varies
Products Fee
Digital Ortho Imagery$77 per tile
Packaged GIS Datasets Fee
Price will vary depending on level of complexity of the data and the time put into processing i.e., Generic Regulation Mapping $2000Varies