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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Plans, Annual Reports & Financials

Integrated Watershe​​d Management Plan

Please see the Integrated Watershed Mangement Plan page for information on the 2019 Nottawasaga Valley Integrated Watershed Mangement Plan​.

​Older Plans

NVCA Watershed Plan 1996

NVCA Watershed Plan 1996 Executive Summary

NVCA Watershed Plan Strategic Review 2006

Strategic Pl​an​


​The 2020-2​025 Strategic Plan is a high level and broad-based, and provides the ability for the NVCA to move in many different directions and be reactive to different situations. Building off of the recently published Integrated Watershed Management Plan, this strategic plan is a living document that provides a lookout over a five year window. 

Download the 2020-2025 Strategic Plan here.

Business​​ Plan

​​​Cover for 2021 - 2025 Business Plan​The 2021-2025 Business Plan provides direction for the immediate term for the NVCA.​

The Business Plan was developed by Staff and the Board of Directors, who reviewed the Integrated Watershed Management Plan and the Strategic Plan to develop objectives and targets to advance the Authority's vision and mission.

The Board's approval of the Business Plan provides guidance and specific direction for the implementation of the annually approved budget. The Business Plan includes program actions; however, many are subject to initiatives and mandates from the Government o​f Ontario that can affect our program delivery.​

Download the 2021 - 2025 Business Plan here

Climate Change Action​​ Plan

​​​Cover for 2021 - 2025 Business Plan​​NVCA ​has followed the 5-step milestone framework presented by the Local Governments for Sustainability. To date, NVCA has produced documents that correspond to the first 3 milestones of this framework: Initiate, Research, and Plan as well as developed the 2016-2018 Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan. 

This plan includes adaptation and mitigation measures and identifies the goals and targets NVCA will work towards and the how progress will be reported on.​​

Download the 2021 - 2025 Business Plan here

Inventory of Programs and Services

Conservation Authorities Act T​ransition Plan​

NVCA Inventory of Programs and Services

Annual R​​​eports

NVCA's annual ​reports provide a summary of the accomplishments of the authority for a given year.

2022 Annual Report cover.jpg​​​​

Download NVCA's 2022​ Annual Report​

2022 Annual R​eport - 2022 Annual Report Text Version - 2022 Year in Review Video

Past annu​​​​al reports

2021 Annual Report - 2021 Annual Report Text Version - 2021 Year in Review Video

2020 Annual Report - 2020 Annual Report Text Version - 2020 Year in Review Video

2019 Annual Report​​​​​2019​​ Annual Report Text Version​ - 2019 Year in Review Video

2018 Annual Report - 2018 Annual Report Text Version - 2018 Year in Review Video



NVCA 2023 budget - 2023 Program Overview

​​​2022 Fin​ancial Statement​ - 2022 ​Program Overview

2021 Fin​ancial Statement​ - 2021 Program Overview

2020 Financial Statement​ - 2020 Program Overview

2019 Financial Statements - 2019 Program Overview​​​

​​2018 Financial Statements

2017 Financial Statements


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