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​​Property Inquiries

I'm looking to buy a property in the NVCA. Can I find out if NVCA has an interest in the property?

NVCA provides current owners and potential buyers or lawyers and real estate agents acting on their behalf with information on stating whether or not a property is likely to be affected by NVCA policies and regulations.

To find out if your property may be affected by NVCA policies and regulations, please comp​lete our online property inquiry form (click the button)​:


You can also visit or call​ the office during regular business hours.

How do NVCA guidelines and regulations affect property owners with a development proposal?

NVCA regulates development and activities in or adjacent to river or stream valleys, the Georgian Bay shoreline, watercourses, hazardous lands and wetlands. If proposed works are located within a regulated area, the owner must apply for a Development, Interference with Wetlands and Alterations to Shorelines and Watercourses Permit from the NVCA.

Can I see the regulation mapping for my property?

Yes. Use our Interactive Property Map to see your property is regulated by the NVCA.

Can I meet with NVCA staff to discuss my proposal?

Yes, staff are pleased to meet with you to discuss any work you have planned. Staff will review our mapping to see if your property is regulated by the NVCA, and whether or not a permits is required from the authority. NVCA encourages pre-consultation prior to making any permit applications. 

To discuss your proposal, please start by completing our online property inquiry form. You can also call the NVCA office at 705-424-1479, or email with your questions​.  

What do I need to discuss my proposal?

To start, you'll need the address of the property, ideally with the street address, town, lot and concession number.  After speaking with the NVCA planning assistant to see if you require a permit, you may be asked to provide:

  • Summary - specific details of the proposal and contact information
  • Fee - some applications are subject to a fee; contact NVCA or see the fee schedule​ for details
  • Survey and a Plan - An accurate property survey or plan including your property boundaries is required to insure correct property identification. If you are inquiring about a development proposal, please include the existing conditions and proposed conditions, including grading.

What are the general policies related to development?

In general, NVCA directs development to be set back a minimum from the following:

  • 30 m from the bankfull flow location of water courses
  • 6 m access allowance from the floodplain, meander belt, slope hazard and top of valley bank
  • 30 m from a wetland
  • 30 m from a seepage area and springs
  • 30 m from a significant woodland

Call the NVCA office​ to discuss your specific situation.

What if my property is already in a hazardous area?

For properties already in a hazardous area, development may be possible if the property has safe access and egress and the hazard can be remediated through engineering measures such as flood proofing​ (this may not be possible in all cases).  Please note there is an upper limit to the size of development/addition.

NVCA does not support reconstruction of structures destroyed by flooding or erosion.

For more information contact NVCA, or see the development guidelines.