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​​​​​​​​​​​Staff Directory

To contact NVCA staff, please call (705) 424-1479 and dial the extension listed below. Click the person's name to contact them by email.

Office of the CAO

Doug Hevenor, Chief Administrative Officer, ext. 225

Heather Kepran​​, Communications Coordinator, ext. 254


Corporate Services

Sheryl Flannagan, Director, Corporate Services, ext. 228

Haleigh Ferguson​, Administrative Assistant, ext. 272

Christine Knapp, General Accountant, ext. 240

Debbie Swindells, Accounts Receivable/Payroll Specialist, ext. 252

Kimberly Winder, Receptionist/Administrative Assistant, ext. 221

Geographic Information Systems & Information Technology

Hendrik Amo, Manager GIS/IT, ext. 241

Robert Bettinelli, Information Management & Technology Specialist, ext. 266

Lyle Wood, GIS Analyst, ext. 248


Land, Education & Stewardship Services

Byron Wesson, Director, Land, Education & Stewardship Services, ext. 224


Sarah Campbell, Aquatic Biologist, ext. 243

Fred Dobbs, Manager, Stewardship Services, ext. 237

Shannon Stephens, Healthy Waters Program Coordinator, ext. 239


Rick Grillmayer, Manager, Forestry, ext. 230

​Alisha To​bola, Forestry Technician - on leave

Land Operations

Mike Bacon, Lands & Operations Technician​, ext. 255

Clint Collis, Lands & Operations Technician, ext. 258

Kyra Howes, Manager, Lands & Operations, ext. 259

Spencer Macdonald, Lands & Operations Technician, ext. 255

Henry Pelley, Maintenance Technician

Environmental Education

Maegan McConnell, Environmental Education Assistant​, ext. 251

Naomi Saunders, Environmental Education Facilitator, ext. 280

Grant Wilson, Environmental Education Assistant​, ext. 263

Environmental Education Associates (ext. 270): Taryn ArsenaultBob ColeCharlotte DriscollPamela Green​,​ ​Susan Hall (on leave), Aryanne HawkeJo-Ann White-McKenna


Watershed Management Services

Chris Hibberd, Director, Watershed Management Services, ext. 229

Maria Campbell, Administrative Assistant, ext. 222​


Peter Alm, Water Resource Engineer, ext. 226

Alison Edwards​, Water Resource Engineer, ext. 260​

Mark Hartley​, Senior Engineer, ext. 247

Michael Saunders, Engineering Technologist, ext. 223

Sheri Steiginga, Flood Operations Field Specialist, ext. 267

Groundwater and Source Water Protection

Angela Mills, Hydrogeology Assistant, ext. 232​

Ryan Post, Senior​ Hydrogeologist, ext. 249

Kate Thomson​, Risk Management Inspector, ext. 242​ 


David Featherstone, Manager, Watershed Monitoring​ - on leave

Ian Ockenden, Watershed Monitoring Specialist, ext. 234

Alyssa Deurwaarder​, Watershed Monitoring Technician, ext. 265

Vicky Boyd, Watershed Monitoring Technician


Lee Bull, Manager, Planning Services, ext. 231

Mike Francis, Planning Ecologist​, ext. 236​ 

Amy Knapp​, Planner, ext. 233​

Emma Perry​, Planner, ext. 244

​Regulations & Enforcement​

Daniel Dyce, Regulations Technician, ext. 245​ 

Andrew F​era, Regulations Technician, ext. 238

​Julie Pren​tice​, Regulations Assistant, ext. 227

General Property/Permit Inquiries -