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Register for the Tiffin Nature Program​​ today!​​

Geared towards pre-K and children in kindergarten, our nature​ program will help your children gain knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the natural world and our amazing planet.

Tiffin Nature Program is hosted at the Tiffin Centre for Conservation, just 15 minutes outside of Barrie, Angus and Innisfil, and 25 minutes from New Tecumseth.​

Children can attend Tiffin Nature Programming once a week, on a ​half day/whole day basis.​​

This program focuses on child-led, open-ended and play ​based learning. Children learn about risky play, and develop a better understanding of their relationship with the land.


Tuesday Half Day Program (9:30 am - 12:30 pm): $132.60 per child

Thursday Half Day Program (9:30 am - 12:30 pm): $132.60 per child

Thursday ​Full Day Program (9:30 am - 3:30 pm) : $255.00​ per child​

Parents have the option to stay for the half day program. The full day program is drop off only. Each program will have 1 educators for 6​ children.

​We are now offering trial classes:

Parents and children are able to attend any session that works for their schedule, pending program staff availability.

Full Day Program: $35.00 per child

Half Day Program: $20.00 per child​


Please register through a computerRegister now

Registration is currently not available for mobile devices. Please register on a desktop or laptop using Google Chrome. Also, please enable pop-ups. Click here for more information about enabling popups

If you are having trouble registering, please email outdoored@nvca.on.ca with and we can help you complete the registration and payment.​


The Tiffin Nature Program is based out of the Tiffin Centre for Education. With 300 acres of forest to explore, the home base of the Tiffin Nature Program will be at the Forest Cabin, but depending on the children's interests, we will go to the Free Play Forest, Picnic Pavillion, explore in the trails and more!

Risky Pl​ay

We recognize that there is immense value in play that is exciting and challenging, which allows children to grow their skill sets and see themselves as capable people. There can be minor injuries with such play, however it is through these opportunities that children learn how to regulate themselves, assess risk, and learn their limitations.

Click here for more information abo​ut Tiffin Nature Programming


There are six sessions available for registration:

​Tuesdays 9:30 am - 12:30 pm (Ages 2.5 – 5)

Start DateEnd Date
September 20, 2022October 25, 2022
November 1, 2022December 6, 2022
March 28, 2023May 2, 2023
May 9, 2023June 13, 2023


Thursdays 9:30 am - 3:30 pm​ (Ag​​es 3 - 6​)

​Start DateEnd Date
September 22, 2022October 27, 2022
November 3, 2022December 8, 2022
December 15, 2023February 2, 2023
February 9, 2023March 23, 2023
March 30, 2023May 4, 2023
May 11, 2023
June 15, 2023​

​Frequently Asked Questions

​​​​​How is the program structured?

There will be at least two educators running each program with as many as 14 children. All staff have completed their Vulnerable Sector Check and CPR Level C with First Aid. 

At times we may have a volunteer and/or a high school co-op student helping with the program. Volunteers and co-op students do not work unsupervised and volunteers over the age of 18 have also completed their Vulnerable Sector Check. 

Children will not be further organized by age within the group as children will be at different developmental levels and we would like them to feel comfortable with the activities they chose. As we will be running the program with 2 educators working together, at times we can be in close proximity with two activities. That way, students at a different level or risk threshold will have ample choice. 

We are a strength-based program, in that, we highlight what we all do well. Focusing on deficits only focuses on the negative, and our nature program focuses on the positive. So, if children have challenges, we will focus on what they do well, which will help them develop a positive attitude about themselves. ​

Risky Play

We recognize that there is immense value in play that is exciting and challenging, which allows children to grow their skill sets and see themselves as capable people. There can be minor injuries with such play, however it is through these opportunities that children learn how to regulate themselves, assess risk, and learn their limitations. 

Risky activities will be introduced gradually, by trained staff, when the time is appropriate. These activities will be supervised closely and can include slack lines, small zip-line, climbing trees, making fire with flint and steal, and working with wood. 

Tools for working with wood can include: potato peelers, loppers, small hacksaws, bow saws and sheath knives. All tools will be kept in a safe location and returned after their use. 

Free Play Forest - The Hive

The Hive is a favorite place for our youngest visitors as they can freely explore the wonders of the forest. 

Defined by a cedar rail fence, The Hive offers a contained space for free play in nature. As a build-it-yourself loose parts playground, students transform The Hive using child-size rails, logs and planks. It is a place for imagination, exploration and problem solving through open-ended play.

Food Policies

We do not provide food or drinks for programs and due to the potential for a life-threatening situation, we ask that snacks and lunches do not include nuts. We also ask that participants not share or trade food. 


While accidents can happen, we expect that the children enrolled in this program have already been toilet trained. There are 2 outdoor washrooms available, which are automated, heated and with running water. 

Refunds and Cancellation

Please note that the program may be cancelled at any time due to Covid-19 restrictions. If programming is already underway that day, there will not be a refund for the day. If the cancellation occurs the day before programming, or with longer notice, a refund will be issued. 

If your child misses a session, there won’t be a refund. 

If you need to cancel the full 6 week session, we will retain 25% of the fee to cover the admin costs, as long as 2 weeks notice is given. This will allow us time to fill the spot. 

Label All Items

To help us get all your child's belongings home at the end of the week, make sure their names are on all personal items.

Leave Valuables at Home

Leave valuables at home. These have a habit of falling out of pockets and getting lost in the woods! If campers do bring valuables we are not responsible for them.

Photographs and Video - Media Permission and Privacy

Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority considers your child’s privacy to be a serious matter. All steps possible will be taken to protect your child’s privacy. During registration, you will be asked to accept or decline our photo permission waiver. It states; 

The Nottawasaga Conservation Authority will assume that permission is given for pictures and video to be taken during any program or activity, to be used to promote conservation education and/or recreation. As well, as part of our process to become an accredited Forest and Nature School Program, we are required to create video documents of our journey learning how to best guide your children. 

If you are okay with both scenarios mentioned above, please accept and grant us permission. 

If you are not okay with giving permission, we will respect your privacy when you do not click on the accept and grant us permission. 

If you would like more options, do not click to accept and upon completing registration you can use the more fulsome request with multiple options which is sent automatically.​