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Farmers can reduce expensive losses caused by wind and water erosion by planting trees in key locations in a formation known as a windbreak. The NVCA works with the rural community to inform and instruct on the importance and construction of windbreaks through the media, workshops and other venues.

Below are links to a number of guides and reports on windbreaks and shelterbelts.

Windbreak ​​- Videos

The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food has released several videos on windbreaks:

  • Multi Functional Windbreaks - Benefits and Planning

  • Multifunctional Windbreaks - Maintenance

  • Multi Functional Windbreaks - Success Stories

  • Multi Functional Windbreaks - Planting

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Multi-functional Windbreaks: Design Options and Economic Evaluation
In 2011-2012, the NVCA and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA), with the support of the provincial Lake Simcoe funding program, undertook a multi-phase windbreak project that included a report, workshops and a survey of farmers in the NVCA watershed.

Multi-functional Windbreaks Design Options and Economic Evaluation.pdf

Shelterbelt Planting Guide
The planning, planting and maintenance of farm windbreaks, shelterbelts and hedgerows.  How to design for reduced wind based soil erosion, increased crop yield, reduced odours, cooling/heating efficiency for the home and barn, and reduced snow drift/white-outs. (Andre Vezina, 2005)

Farmstead Shelterbelts Planning Planting and Maintenance.pdf

Shelterbelt Maintenance
A detailed guide on how to maintain farm shelterbelts or windbreaks, from initial establishment to replacement trees. (Andre Vezina, 2008)

Maintenance of Farmstead Shelterbelts.pdf

The Benefits of Windbreaks - Extension Notes
A fact sheet on how windbreaks work and their benefits to: reducing erosion, crop yield and quality, livestock productivity, snow control, energy efficiency, wood harvest, and wildlife. (Landowner Resource Centre and the University of Toronto's Faculty of Forestry, 1994)

The Benefits of Windbreaks Extension Notes.pdf

The Floraview Farm Project - Shelterbelt Case Study
A case study published by the Grand River Conservation Authority reviewing the success of using planted trees to create a shelterbelt on a dairy farm near Elmira, Ontario.

Shelterbelts Case Study The Floraview Farm Project.pdf