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​​​Intermediate Education Programs

Programs are half-day unless indicated otherwise. Select two programs that complement your classroom study for a rewarding full day of fun and learning. The grade(s) stated below each program name are strongly linked to the Ontario curriculum.  We will work directly with you to combine or modify programs to meet your needs.

For details on booking any of these programs, please see information under "Booking your Visit​." 

Science and Technology - Life Systems

Habitat Exploration: Interactions in the Environment
Grade 7 (spring & fall)
Select forest, pond or wetlands - each ecosystem is a half-day program.
Also available as an outreach program.
Following an introductory discussion regarding ecology, biodiversity, and the interdependence of living things, students will participate in an exploratory hike to investigate the components and interactions of a forest and/or wetland ecosystem.
Using an assortment of tools - including dip nets, magnifying glasses, and identification keys - students will investigate the dependency of plants and animals on the local environment and the adaptations different species have made for survival in their specific habitats. Hands-on activities will introduce students to the importance of space for wildlife and the impact of human populations on habitat loss. Students leave with a better understanding of how they may minimize their impact on the environment through daily personal choices. 

Grades JK to 8 (all seasons - half-day)
Also available as an outreach program.
This half-day program introduces students to the ecological food web. Through role play, students experience what life is like for all of the creatures that make their home in the Tiffin Forest.

Winter Wildlife
Grades 1 to 8 (winter - half-day)
This program introduces students to the main groups of animals, their characteristics, habitats, tracks, and traces. Students then become wildlife detectives, looking for signs of wildlife in their natural habitats. Adaptations of wildlife to survive the winter will be emphasized while trekking through the woods on snowshoes, weather permitting.


Living Landscape
All Grades (all seasons - half-day)
Also available as an outreach program.
Become inspired by the natural beauty of the Tiffin Centre through guided outdoor landscape drawing sessions.

Nature Photography
Grades 4 to 8 (all seasons - half-day)
Also available as an outreach program.
As nature photographers, students will embark on an exploration of the Tiffin site in search of interesting plants, wildlife and habitats. Upon return, students will have an opportunity to showcase their work and learn more about the organisms and environments they have photographed. Students learn principles of photo composition and do hands-on investigation of natural habitats with use of digital cameras.

Cultural History

Fur Trade
Grade 5 to 8 (all seasons - full-day)
Step back in time and learn about the early French voyageurs who traded with First Nation peoples for furs. Following a short presentation on the history of New France, students are then challenged to survive a simulated season as rugged adventurers: purchasing textiles and food items for survival and profit while developing map reading and problem solving skills. Teachers or adult volunteers will be required to assist and monitor this program.

Maple Syrup
Grades 1 to 8 (early spring - half-day)
Our maple syrup program provides an in-depth look at tree ecology and maple syrup production. Join us for an interactive tour of a working sugar bush that demonstrates the First Nations, pioneer and modern-day methods of maple syrup production. Students enjoy hands-on activities including drilling and tapping trees. All tours and programs include a visit to the Sugar Shack and a taste of fresh maple syrup!


​Map Reading and Orienteering
Grades 4 to 8 (all seasons - half-day)
This program allows students to work in pairs or in small groups to learn how to navigate through basic mapping skills. Students will utilize maps which are geared to their age and ability, and depending on age, compass use can be introduced. This program provides students with team building opportunities and challenges their cognitive and physical abilities.  ​

GPS Navigation & Geocaching
Grades 6 to 8 (all seasons - half-day)
Introduce your students to GPS technology and the exciting world of geocaching! Following a presentation highlighting the history and applications of the Global Positioning System, students use hand-held GPS units to navigate their way through one of our challenging courses. The important relationship between map, compass, and GPS technology will be emphasized throughout the program.

Outdoor Recreation

Team Dynamics & Low Ropes Challenge
Grades 6 to 8 (all seasons - half-day)
Students will build confidence in themselves and each other as they work through a series of progressively challenging initiatives that aim to promote teamwork, leadership, trust, communication and problem solving. Once students have successfully completed a selection of team building activities they are then further challenged on our Low Ropes Challenge Course. 
Please note that closed-toe shoes are required to participate in this program.

Kick Sledding
Grades 1 to 8 (winter - half-day)
After a brief introduction to the history and techniques of this traditional winter sport, students will glide through a winter wonderland with an instructor.

Grades 1 to 8 (winter - half-day)
After a brief introduction to the history and techniques of this winter sport, students will trek through the winter forest with an instructor.

Disc Golf
Grades 5 to 8 (all seasons - half-day)​
Learn and enjoy a new game in a natural environment at the Tiffin Centre's new and improved nine-basket disc golf course! Disc golf, like ball golf, requires participants to land their “disc" (i.e. Frisbee) in the target basket using the fewest number of throws. It's a friendly, easy-to-learn game!​

For winter sports, ask about including a round of "snow snake" in your day!

Outdoor and Wilderness Survival Skills

Emergency Shelter Building
Grades 4 to 8 (all seasons - half-day)
Working together in small groups students build emergency shelters capable of captu​ring heat while withstanding the elements.  Strength meets stability as students put into practice their knowledge of structures and forces. (Curriculum connections Grade 5, 7)  Always a class favourite, students learn different approaches to constructions that they often apply to their own outdoor spaces back home.

Fire Building
Grades 4 to 8 (all seasons - half-day)
​How do you change a marshmallow from a solid to a liquid without turning it into a gas? Students learn and practi​ce the principles of combustion in small groups while creating their own campfire. Curriculum links abound, ​from Understanding Matter and Energy grade 5, to Conservation of Energy and Resources grade 5, as well as Heat in the Environment grade 7.  ​​