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NVCA > Oak Ridges Moraine Coalition

Conservation Authorities Moraine Coalition

The Oak Ridges Moraine stretches 160 km across southern Ontario from Trenton in the east to the Niagara Escarpment in the west. The moraine is an important regional groundwater recharge area, and is the headwaters for 65 rivers and streams.

The Conservation Authorities Moraine Coalition (YPDT - CAMC) is a group municipalities (York, Peel, Durham, and Toronto) and conservation authorities located along the moraine, including the NVCA.

The coalition takes a collaborative approach to collecting, analyzing and disseminating water resource data. With this data, policy makers and other interested stakeholders have information to provide effective stewardship of moraine's water resources.


Digital Elevation Model of Oak Ridges Moraine.png

Digital Elevation Model (DEM) showing the Oak Ridges Moraine as a ridge that separates Lake Ontario from Lake Simcoe.