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​​​​​​Property Inquiries

​If you ​are planning to do any work near a lake, river, stream or wetland, you may require approval from NVCA. 

NVCA provides current owners, and potential buyers or lawyers and real estate agents acting on their behalf, with information on whether or not a property is likely to be affected by NVCA policies and regulations.

To see if you may require a permit from NVCA for your project, start by:

  • Checking to see if your property is regulated - Search for your property on NVCA's property map to see if you are in an area where a permit is required. You may require a permit if some or all of your property is in the regulated area.

  • Submitting a property inquiry - Complete our ​online property inquiry form to get more information about if your property and project may require a permit from NVCA. (Click the button.)


  • Contacting our office – If for some reason you cannot submit the online property inquiry form, contact NVCA at 705-424-1479 and speak to our front desk staff. They’ll ask for some information about where your property is located and what you are planning.

Responses are provided in the order in which they are received. NVCA staff require a minimum of 2 business days to respond to your request. Responses may be provided sooner if time permits. 

For additional information, please see our permit process FAQs.