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​​​​​Landowner Stewardship Resources

Please note: These resource links are provided for your information. NVCA does not endorse or approve any of the products, services or opinions found on external sites. Further, NVCA is not responsible for the accuracy, accessibility, legality or content found on the external sites. 

Agricultural Best Management Practices

  • OMAFRA’s Best Management Practice (BMP) booklets are a series of publications that take a practical, affordable approach to conserving farm soil and water resources without sacrificing productivity. More than 25 topics are covered in the series, including farm forestry management, streamside grazing, managing nutrients (phosphorus) and controlling erosion (links to Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs).
  • Vegetable and Fruit Washwater Treatment Manu​al A guide for managing washwater at packaging facility in a way that promotes environmental stewardship. The guide provides information on why good wash water management is important on the farm and at the packaging facility. NVCA staff worked with the Holland Marsh Growers Association on research presented in the manual, sampling and monitoring washwater pre- and post- implementation of various water treatment technologies (links to Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs)
  • Rural Landowner Stewardship Guide for NVCA
  • Agricultural decision tools and calculators Want to calculate how much your farm projects and practices will reduce greenhouse gases, or phosphorus water pollution? Agsuite offers a range of free agricultural and environmental decision support tools and calculators related to crop management, nutrient management, manure storage sizing and minimum distance separation. (source: OMAFRA)​

Agricultural Soil Health, Conservation & Erosion Reduction

Agricultural Fue​​l and Chemical Storage & Care

Asbestos Management for Farms ( Courtesy of the Mesothelioma Center. For further resources on asbestos and agriculture visit 

All about Algae

Cover Crops

Cover crops can increase soil fertility, organic matter, add nitrogen, suppress weeds, nematode suppression, reduce compaction and reduce water and wind erosion.  These cover crop selection tools can help you choose the best species mixes for your farm:

Horse Stewardship

Flooding - Be Flood Ready

The Government of Canada has launched a new website flood risks: Flood Ready provides an overview of overland flooding, cost of flooding, reasons to be flood ready, quiz on flood risks, step-by-step guide on making properties and communities safer, ways to build flood-readiness into a property, as well as community flood planning steps, tools and government programs.

Forestry Conservation

Forestry conservation or “tree cutting” bylaws fall under county jurisdiction. Remember to call or click before you cut!

The Green Pages: Watershed Business Directory

Business contacts for all your stewardship projects!

​Dealing with Invasive Species

Mapping Tools

Mapping tools can help view air photos of your property, measure distances, check regulated areas, design your project, check soil mapping, Canada Land Inventory, etc:

Protecting your Soil

Protecting your Water

Shoreline Restoration


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