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Disc Golf

Fun "Fore" All!

The Tiffin Centre for Conservation offers a 9-hole disc golf course that winds around Papa Bear Pond, Mama Bear Wetland and Baby Bear Pond. The Goldilocks Disc Golf Course is suitable for players of all ages.

The course starts at the parking lot by the picnic pavilion. Though the course is free to use, standard parking fees do apply.

The Goldilocks Disc Golf Course can be found on the Udisk app.

How to Play

Disc golf is played like traditional golf, but instead of clubs and balls players throw discs along a fairway to a basket. The player with the lowest number of throws wins. While you can play with a regular Frisbee, a heavier-weight disc made especially for the sport is preferred.

Operating Hours

The course is open to all visitors after 3 pm from Monday – Friday and between dawn and dusk on the weekends. No tee times necessary, but players must bring their own discs. Course fees are included in your parking pass.



According to the Professional Disc Golf Association:

The object of the game of disc golf is to complete a course in the fewest throws of the disc. A course typically consists of nine or eighteen holes, each of which is a separate unit for scoring.
Play on each hole begins at the tee and ends at the target. After the player has thrown from the tee, each successive throw is made from where the previous throw came to rest. On completing a hole, the player proceeds to the teeing area of the next hole, until all holes have been played.
Disc golf courses are normally laid out in and around wooded areas with diverse terrain to provide natural obstacles to the flight of the disc. The course must not be altered by the player in any way to decrease the difficulty of a hole. Players must play the course as they find it and play the disc where it lies unless otherwise allowed by these rules.​
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