The Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority

​Flood warning system

NVCA is one of 36 conservation authorities that are on the front lines of the Provincial Flood Forecasting and Warning Program.

We use information from stream gauges, weather stations, snow surveys, meteorological forecasts and computer models to determine if there is a risk of flooding. If there is, we issue flood messages to alert municipal flood coordinators and the public about flood risks.

Our staff works closely with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and Environment Canada to provide advice to municipalities in the preparation of flood contingency plans and during the emergency response process.

We also work closely with municipal flood co-ordinators, police, emergency management officials and others to operate, test and improve the flood warning system.

Flood messages are sent to radio stations, televisions stations and newspapers in the Nottawasaga Watershed and surrounding regions. Media outlets usually post these messages on their websites.

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