The Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority

Dog Walking

NVCA owns and manages over 13 hectares of land, most of contain sensitive habitats. Visitors are welcome to bring their dogs to all conservation areas, but dogs must be kept on leash at all times.

To ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment, we do insist that:

  • Pets are kept on a leash no longer than 2 metres at all times.
  • Owners clean up after their pets.
  • A maximum of three pets per person/family.
  • Pets are never to be left unattended

Not only does this keep you and your dog safe, it also protects the sensitive habitats.

  • Keep your dog on leash to share NVCA conservation areas with wildlife. Having your dog on leash avoids them getting lost during inclement weather, caught in natural hazards like fast-flowing rivers, or attacked by wildlife porcupines and other animals that perceive unleashed dogs as threats.
  • Many invasive species seeds also hitchhike on your travel on dogs coat and paws. Avoid spreading invasive species by staying on trail.
  • Dog poop carry viruses, bacteria and parasites which can be passed on to wildlife and contaminate rivers and streams. Help keep our conservation areas clean by carrying picking up your dog’s poop.
  • Dogs may trample and disturb sensitive soils, dig up plants and trees that are important food and habitat for wildlife.
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