The Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority

Erosion, Flood & Slope Hazards

The primary objectives of the NVCA’s Flood and Erosion Hazard Management program are to prevent loss of life, minimize social disruption, and minimize property damage caused by natural hazards such as flooding, erosion and unstable slopes within the watershed.

NVCA is one of many agencies in a broader provincial and national framework that works toward developing communities that are much more resilient to disaster and disruption. The program is designed to meet those broad objectives and to meet our provincially delegated responsibilities that include:

  • Operation, routine, minor and preventative maintenance of flood and erosion control structures

  • Operation of a watershed based flood forecasting and warning system

  • Management of chronic ice problems

  • Watershed and floodplain management related to the provincial hazards policy including plan input, watershed & subwatershed studies, regulatory permitting, and technical studies

  • Administration and legal items related to the above tasks.

The province relies on conservation authorities to assist them with their delegated responsibility for flood, drought, dam failures, erosion and landslides.


Flood & Erosion Control Structures

The NVCA owns, operates or has an interest in a number of water control structures and erosion control works.

Some of the more major structures include:

  • Pretty River Dyke
  • Tottenham Dam
  • New Lowell Dam
  • Utopia Dam
  • Black Ash Creek Channelization
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