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Yellow Fish Road Program

Yellow Fish Road Program

The community-based Yellow Fish Road Program is designed to reduce hazardous wastes entering our waterways through storm drains.

Youth volunteers paint a yellow fish symbol beside storm drains in their neighbourhood. The fish remind us that anything that flows down a storm drain goes directly untreated to the nearest stream where fish live. It then flows to lakes where many people get their drinking water. Volunteers also deliver fish-shaped leaflets to homes in the area that explain what the fish symbol represents and provide information on proper disposal of household hazardous wastes. 

Enthusiastic school and community groups are welcome to participate! The Yellow Fish Road Program runs from April until October. It’s a fun, easy and effective method of educating youth and urban communities about how we can all improve the water quality in our streams and help protect our environment. Educational support materials are available for a range of grades. 

The Yellow Fish Road Program is an initiative of Trout Unlimite​d Canada​.

For more information, please contact our environmental education staff, at 705-424-1479 x 280 or


Yellow Fish Road Door Hanger
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