The Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority

​Healthy Waters Program

Projects and Grants

For more information on the grants, see the program brochure.

Eligible Projects
Grant Rate*Maximum Grant
Streamside Tree Planting ​ ​ ​
Community tree planting100%$ 1,000
Streamside/lakeside tree planting*** – bare root stock85%$ 6,000
Streamside/lakeside tree planting – container stock50%$ 1,000 ($10/plant)
River Restoration ​ ​ ​
Agricultural erosion control structures* streamside30%$ 4,000
Community Action Projects75%$ 7,500
On-stream pond decommissioning, bypasses, fish-ladders & bottom-draws50%$ 7,000
Livestock & Fish ​ ​ ​
Alternative watering source (w/ exclusion fencing)75%$ 2,000
Livestock access fencing materials for self installation100%$10,000
(up to $12/m)
Livestock access fencing – contractor installed75%$10,000
(up to $12/m)
Livestock stream crossing (w/ exclusion fencing)75%$ 2,000
Clean water diversions: livestock yard eavestroughing & diversion berms50%$ 2,500
Manure storages30%$ 5,000
Milkhouse wash water treatment/storage50%$ 2,500
Runoff Treatment:
  • vegetated filter strips (engineered)
  • dispersion sandwiches
  • treatment wetlands (requires MECP​ Certificate of Approval)
50%$ 5,000
Crops & Fish ​ ​ ​
Conservation tillage & no till30%$ 2,000
Grassed waterways (eng)75%$ 2,000
Grass-meadow buffer strips around streams/wetlands75%$ 2,000
​Tile drain control boxes****60%​$2,000​
Nutrient management plan/strategy development50%$ 1,000
Drinking Water Protection ​ ​ ​
Fuel, chemical & pesticide storage & handling50%$ 1,000
Septic system upgrade to advanced systems (current system <30m to permanent river or lake, private ponds excluded)30%$ 2,000
Well decommissioning75%$ 1,000

Table Notes:

  • For guidelines for various types of projects, visit the Project Guidelines page.
  • *  HWP grants can be stacked with other grants, such as Environmental Farm Plan (EFP), up to 100%
  • **  100% coverage of materials and supplies (self-installation labour is not eligible)
  • ***  Tree planting project over 1000 trees qualify for NVCA professional planting services
  • **** Tile drain control boxes give you control of your water level, reduce pollution runoff and increase crop yield (tile drains not eligible).

Special Notes:

  • NVCA permit fees waived for eligible HWP projects
  • More than one project may be eligible under the HWIP
  • Maximum grant allowed $20,000 / property (landowner) / year
  • Landowners who have successfully completed the Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) will be given priority
  • Projects may be declined based on project and stream reach priority and available funds
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