The Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority

Giant Hogweed

What is Giant Hogweed?

​Giant hogweed is an invasive species with broad leaves and a dense canopy that can out-compete the growth of many native species.​

Beware! Giant hogweed also poses a ​serious health risk since its stalks, leaves and bristles contain a noxious sap that sensitize skin to sunlight.

Giant Hogweed height comparison

Where is Giant Hogweed found in our watershed?

Giant hogweed has been reported in the NVCA watershed in the towns of Collingwood, Mono, New Tecumseth and Wasaga Beach and the townships of Adjala-Tosorontio, Clearview and Essa. 

Early detection is key

Early detection and rapid response is essential for the control and/or eradication of invasive species in an area. If you spot Giant Hogweed, please report the sighting to EDDmapS

More information

Invasive species on private property

NVCA does not offer a service to remove invasive species on private property.  If you are looking for tips on dealing with invasive species on your property, see the links above, or visit  Ontario’s Invading Species Awareness Program.

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