The Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority

Land and Water Stewardship

In partnership with the community, the Land and Water Stewardship Program of the NVCA works on local projects that protect and restore our environment, and helps ensure the future of our healthy water.

The Conservation Lands program consists of three main components: Land Acquisition, Protection Through Management and Environmental Education. The Land Acquisition component focuses on lands that have been deemed significant by local, provincial or international agencies, and have demonstrated abilities that offer protection to both ground and surface waters as well as significant flora/fauna habitat.​

The Management component captures all aspects of public agency land ownership including hazard identification and education, enforcement of the Conservation Authorities Act, preventative maintenance, self-funding opportunities and land use(s) monitoring. Most of the NVCA’s 12,000 acres are considered wilderness or natural lands, and we welcome an ever-growing number of visitors to enjoy our attractions.

The Environmental Education component is a valuable tool that assists in the management of our lands by keeping the general public aware of our natural resources and why they need to be protected. 

The Conservation Lands program has an obvious tie to all other NVCA programs, with its distinct ability to protect our natural and cultural values. Our watershed landscape is very diverse and the management of each is slightly different.​

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