The Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority

Silver Creek Wetland

About Silver Creek Wetland

The Silver Creek Wetland Complex is a provincially significant wetland made up of swamp forest, thicket swamp and marsh. It is situated along southern Georgian Bay, in the urbanizing areas of The Town of Collingwood and Town of the Blue Mountains.

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We are lucky to have the globally rare Great Lakes Coastal Marsh that is found in the Silver Creek Wetland Complex. These marshes are only found in a few places in the Great Lakes basin where limestone bedrock slopes gradually near the surface of the shoreline. Great Lakes Coastal Marshes are adapted to the fluctuating lake levels.

The Silver Creek Wetland Complex supports a myriad of plants and animals as well as a variety of ecological services such as carbon sequestration, shoreline protection, and nutrient cycling.  

Visitors can visit portions this wetland complex through the trails managed by the Town of Collingwood.

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