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​Winter Programming

The Tiffin Centre offers rewarding outdoor activities and learning opportunities for your winter elective program.  Join us for a half or full day of programming in a winter wonderland then warm up by the fire with a hot chocolate. 

Flyer - NVCA Tiffin Winter School Program

Winter Science

Snow ShoeSt. Mary's March 7 2013 Schelling 022.jpg Winter Wildlife
Grades 1 to 8     

On snowshoes, students become nature detectives to investigate wildlife in winter. This program focuses on wildlife tracking, how animals prepare for winter, as well as their adaptations and habitats.

A Blanket of Snow
Grades 1 to 8

Students will explore the properties of snow through hands-on activities and experiments.  Students will examine the structure of snowflakes and study snow profiles to better understand the value of snow as an insulator and the role it plays in the survival of wildlife in winter. Participants will also enjoy Inuit and other winter games.

Outdoor Adventure & Recreation

Grades 1 to high school

Students are introduced to the basics of map-reading and develop their skills through a set of challenging orienteering courses. The program is adjusted to accommodate​ students of all ages.

Winter Survival
Grades 1 to high school

Students are challenged both physically and mentally a​​s they learn valuable life skills. Depending on the age and interest of students, the program can focus on Fire Building or Emergency Shelter Building.

Snowshoeing & Kick Sleds
Grades 1 to 8

After a brief introduction to the history and techniques of ​these traditional winter sports, students trek or glide through a winter wonderland with an instructor.

Round out your day with a round of Snow Snake or other tradition​al First Nation Games.

Optional campfire lunch on the trail.

Team Building

Team Dynamics & Low Ropes Challenge Course
Grades 6 to high school
Students will be challenged to work together to succeed at various group tasks that build in complexity as they make their way through our new low ropes course.  This program leads through a progressive range of fun, safe, co-operative games and initiatives that aim to promote teamwork, leadership, trust, communication and problem solving.

Programs for Pre-School Children

A Chickadee Feeling
Children will be introduced to common winter birds and will learn about bird adaptations for winter survival, winter diets, habitats and unique characteristics.  After a hike in our forest and a trip to the birdfeeders, children will make homemade birdfeeders and warm up with a hot chocolate.

Winter Watch Hike
After identifying the location and function of their sense organs, children will explore nature through experiential activities aimed to heighten awareness of the world around them.  Children will investigate the forest in search of clues to help them understand how nature adapts to the challenges of winter.  After our hike, children will warm up with a hot chocolate.

The Land of the 3 Bears
Through a story-telling approach, children will learn what animals hibernate, how animals know when to hibernate and what they need to do to prepare for hibernation.  Children will actively engage in outdoor  activities and warm up with a hot chocolate and a craft.