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Immerse yourself in nature in one of NVCA’s Conservation Areas. Hiking is an activity that can be enjoyed at NVCA’s conservation areas with varying levels of wilderness adventure.

Parking fees apply at all NVCA-managed conservation areas. 

Your parking fees help staff and volunteers with ongoing maintenance and restoration of our conservation areas. Learn about how your parking fees are used.

Tiffin Centre

The Tiffin Conservation Area, located in Utopia, is one of NVCA’s busiest conservation areas with 11km of trails and home to the Tiffin Environmental Education Centre and the John Hix Administrative Office. The trails at Tiffin have been assessed and are accessible to all users. Vault-style washrooms are open seasonally.

Tiffin also has rentals available for education programming, family gatherings and weddings.

The Nottawasaga Bluffs Conservation Area, located on the Niagara Escarpment, near Singhampton, provides unique opportunities for views of breathtaking vistas and cave exploration. NBCA supports part of the main Blue Mountains Bruce Trail Club trail and the Betty Carter Side Trail, the Keyhole Side Trail and the Ian Lang Memorial Trail.

The main trail from the parking lot to the lookout is seasonally accessible. All other trails are not considered accessible due to inclines and uneven surfaces. The trails at the Nottawasaga Bluffs Conservation Area are suitable for hiking and snowshoeing but are not maintained for skiing or cycling.

This conservation area will have a new parking lot ready for the spring of 2024! The new parking area will be located slightly west of the current parking area on the 15/16th sideroad. The new facilities will also include a vault-style washroom, open seasonally.

Step into history at the Historic Fort Willow Conservation Area.  Located in Grenfel, this conservation area is an excellent starting point for hiking adventures as it is a central hub, connecting the Trans Canada Trail, the Ganaraska Trail and the local 9-mile portage.

The trails at Fort Willow are accessible for all users. Vault-style washrooms are open seasonally. A beautiful, timberframe construction pavilion is available for rentals for family gatherings and weddings.

The Petun Conservation Area, located along the Niagara Escarpment, southwest of Collingwood supports part of the main Blue Mountain Bruce Trail Club trail and the Black Ash Creek Side Trail.  

Parking is available year-round, provided with the support of the Bruce Trail.

The Edenvale Conservation Area is ideally located along the Nottawasaga River, in the hamlet of Edenvale. There are limited hiking trails available at Edenvale, as it’s mainly used as a launch point for paddling adventures and picnics. Parking area is open seasonally.

Starting in 2024, the Edenvale Conservation Area will be under the management of NVCA. NVCA’s annual parking passes will now include the Edenvale Conservation Area. Please direct any questions or concerns to

The Utopia Conservation Area is managed in partnership with the Friends of Utopia Park and Mill. Home to the Historic Bell’s Mill, the Utopia Conservation Area has 2 km of accessible trails along Bear Creek.

Composting washrooms and parking area are open seasonally.

The Glencairn Conservation Area is located along the Mad River, in the Village of Glencairn. There are limited hiking trails available on site, as the conservation area mainly used for fishing and picnicking.

The Ganaraska Trail transects part of the property. 

Caution: Wild Parsnip is found along the unsanctioned paths.

Minesing Wetlands Conservation Area is best known for its paddling adventures, however there are some small trails provided along the edges of the wetlands.

The Lookout Trail, located on Concession 2 may be seasonally inaccessible due to flooding.

The Harold Parker Memorial Trail, located at the Willow Creek Canoe Coral, provides an excellent opportunity to stretch your legs before paddling Willow Creek.

The Mayer’s Marsh Trail loops along Willow Creek. Part of this trail also includes the Trans Canada Trail.

Osprey Wetlands, located near Badjeros, does not have a formal trail system. 

If visiting Osprey Wetlands, please be prepared for a wilderness adventure.

New Lowell Conservation Area is managed by the New Lowell Campground and Conservation Park Ltd

The Ganaraska Trail transects part of the property.

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